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The team at The Verge has reviewed the latest Facebook App called Paper. Facebook has realised everyone loves the Flipboard way of viewing content and built an App to display your newsfeed in much the same way.

Facebook Paper screenshots.

Facebook Paper


Let’s face it, scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed is not exactly the best example of UI design.  Facebook has tried to solve this problem by providing a standalone App called Facebook Paper.  The idea behind Paper is to provide a distraction-free way to browse through the stories from in your newsfeed and do this in a way that is a little more visual appealing.

Evernote screenshots.

Here is a quick video introduction to Evernote.  The interface design makes it very easy to capture ideas quickly.

Evernote: the one app to help you remember everything.


The New York Times has this app listed as one of their “Top 10 Must-Have Apps”, and I couldn’t agree more.  Evernote helps you remember everything, providing you with an easy way to take notes, capture photos, record audio, make lists, and much more.  Your notes then sync across all your devices.
 Evernote is a great productivity tool, and one of the few apps that I work in consistently throughout the day.  Evernote is available free, with the option to upgrade to premium features for either $5 per month or $45 per year.  Evernote is available for almost all platforms from mobile devices through to the desktop.

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